Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jenna/Adventures In Waiting

11:18 am Last text from Jenna saying she's nervous but will call after baby is here.

12:30 Scheduled C-section

2:15 Still in surgery (please keep praying)

2:18 Baby Boy was born weighing 7 lbs 2 oz.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The End. and lots of pics.

"Hmm, this present thing... I'm liking this!"

"I don't need help momma, I got this!"

Playing with Daddy

Relaxing with momma

My 27th Birthday - Birthday wish come true

All Boy!


Cheese-ing up again for the camera

Topping our tree together

"Get me out from under this tree..."

"Right NOW!"

Santa's happy little helper

"Mom, I hate this hat!"

"And this hat!"

Like this one!

Our first year to have THREE stockings

This is the Christmas Stocking that I came home
from the hospital in when I was born.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I haven't been a good blogger since... well.... Since I have been taken off bed rest and had Joey. And I've been thinking that with the closing of the year 2007, I feel its time for me to close this chapter of my life. I have been (Im)patiently Waiting My Turn blogging my thoughts and my feelings during my battle against infertility, and the grief from my previous losses for quite some time now. And doing so, has helped me so much. But... I feel its important to give this chapter an end to symbolize the end of a long and painful experience, so I can move forward. I have won my war with infertility, and I hope many more of my friends I've made online will one day win theirs too. I have quite a few battle scars from the fight, but I'll keep those close to my heart as a reminder of what I went through to have my precious son. I've won this battle with the help of some key people whom I would like to thank.

First, I would like to give my thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. There were many MANY days when all I had left in me was a prayer. When I think of my struggle I think of the poem Footprints. It has always been a poem that I've loved, and I feel that in my lowest times in my life, He was always there to carry me through. Thank you Jesus.

Next, to my patient and loving husband of 6 years (together for 10 years). I couldn't have done this alone and if there was anyone that deserves the biggest thanks (next to Jesus) its my husband. This year he did EVERYTHING for me, he was my arms, my legs, banker, chef, house maid, lawn service, taxi driver, pedicure technician, leg-shaver, financial support, emotional & spiritual support, and many many more things... And he never got frustrated (in front of me) and he never left my side. He IS my soul mate, and I will forever love this man. Thank you, sweetheart.

And last but not least, thank you to my family and friends including my online friends. There are 52 weeks in a year and I was on bed rest 20 of them. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and for the listening ear when all I wanted to do is vent my fears, complaints, or just talk to occupy my mind. Thank You.

I've come to the realization that I still hurt for my babies I lost, and I always will. But since I've become a mom to a living child, it has opened my eyes to a new kind of love I didn't know I had in me. I have a new love for "the GOOD man upstairs", my husband, my son, and even for myself. For so long I hated my body for letting me down so many times, but I am changing that. I'm no longer going to view my body as my enemy, I'm determined to try to fix what I can to restore some youth so I can be around when my son is older.

Wrapping this up...

So is this the end of Jennie, Richard and Joey? Well, of course not. I am going to leave this blog up just a little while longer, meanwhile I'll be starting a new fresh blog for Joey. I'm going to make it solely his, so I can invite my family and friends updated on him and how he's doing. I will post the name and address of it soon.

Well ladies, I WILL be checking in on you gals.
Best wishes to those pregnant.
Good Luck to the new mommies.
And as always my heart and sincerest prayers go out to those struggling with infertility, secondary infertility and pregnancy/infant loss.

Signing Off
Jennie, Richard and Joey

Monday, December 17, 2007

1st Christmas Pictures

Yesterday we took Joey in to take his Christmas pictures. We were referred by a few friends to this great place (Por.trait Innov.ations) that'll take professional pictures for a reasonable price, show you proofs on a big screen plasma television, help you choose your poses and package and in 15-30 minutes you are walking out the door pictures IN HAND!

We strategically planned our appointment for an hour after his feeding time that way he'll be fed and just waking up from a nap. And normally after he wakes up he's all smiles and coos. Well we get there, I get him dressed in his Christmas outfit and he gives me the biggest cutest smile and throws up all over his outfit. CRAP! So I'm frantically wiping his sweater trying to get it all off. And as I'm wiping him up he spits up again. I catch it in my hand, and have to hand off Joey to Richard so I could walk outside to "water" the tree courtesy of Joey.
So we get called to start out session. The lady places Joey in a gift box, I'm thinkin, "OMG that's gonna be so frickin cute!" And Joey throws up, this time not only did he completely drench his sweater, he got it all over his pants and he got it all over the silky blanket inside the box. Ok, so I clean him up again, and by this time the sweater is too wet and disgusting to leave it on him so I take it off.

We take a few more poses and he's throwing up more milk than what I thought he took down... So we change him into outfit #2. And he must have had an empty stomach by that time because he didn't spit up anymore. We finally finish, we choose our poses and in 15 minutes we were on our way home with pictures in hand.
Our original plan was to take family portraits for our first Christmas with Joey but of all times, Richard got a nasty sty on his upper eye lid, and his entire eye lid is swollen. Its so bad that one eye looks 50% smaller than the other. Its really noticeable. So we x'ed that idea. We just may have to take our own pics at home. But we did set up another appointment in January, to take generational pictures with all of my in-laws, so hopefully Richard's eye will be better and we all will be in good health to take some pictures.
So here they are:

This is the picture we're sending out with our Christmas cards.
These pictures are unedited, the ones that were printed were cropped

And finally, our little Gift from God.
This is the only pose we got with the choo-choo train sweater vest.
As you guessed, we got suckered into buying a ton of pictures. It was just to hard to pick one pose for $9.99 so we chose 12 poses out of the 60 shots taken. So I told Richard that the pictures are my birthday gift, since Saturday was my birthday. I turned the big 27, EEEK!
And Sunday was my parents 29th wedding anniversary, yay for them!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Pictures: Baby showers, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas

I've been a bad blogger, but I've got a ton of pictures to update yall with.

6 weeks

Joey's baby shower. Given by my mom & sister.
My dad and husband playing one of the shower games.
The men had untie and retie their shoes the fastest without popping their balloon baby bellies. THAT was HILARIOUS!

To much fun in one day. (Napping in his Moses basket)
My little family. (Joey at 8 weeks)
Joey's baby shower, given by my in-laws.
Cake & cookies
The cookies were shaped as blue & white rattles, booties and onsies

Me & JoJo at his shower. (Joey at 9 wks)

Signs my SIL made for the party.

Fall 2007

My little Pea in a Pod
Passed out from a Halloween candy suger high. lol


10 weeks

11 weeks

Bath time in the sink

"I love bath time"
"... and play time."
Chillin' on our way to our 2 month appt.

Trying to capture a smile.

(Almost a smile)

I'm gonna catch a smile sooner or later.
"JOOOOY to the world"
"Come on mom, get the picture and get me off this man's lap"
Last night daddy finally put the swing together.
He loved it!
Now I love it.